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Remove & Exclude Bats from Your Home

If you have bats in a building, they should be removed.  There are many ways to eradicate.  Our recommendations are listed below.  One is for removal of a colony.  The next is for removal of a bat or bats that have flown into a building accidently.

Place a new place to roost near the entrance the bats use.  The size and number of bat houses is dependent on the size of the colony.  As a rule bats the inhabit bat houses prefer to live segregated.  The males often choose to live separate from the females and pups.

We recommend hiring a professional to install netting that allows the bats to exit, but does not allow reentry.  The bats will have already noticed the bat houses because they are naturally curious.

If a bat or bats fly into your home, remember the bat wants to leave as much as the human generally wants them out of their home.  Open windows and doors.  They will normally leave on their own accord.

If the bat is injured or unable to locate a natural exit, stop and get a sheet or blanket and a pair of gloves.  If the bat is mobile, throw the sheet or blanket over the bat and carry outside to release.  If the bat is injured, pick it up with gloved hands.  My request if the animal is injured....please call your local bat conservation group.  It is helpful if they understand why the bat is harmed.  This data is used to improve bat friendly environments.    

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